For a renowned supplier (importer and exporter) of fish products, Hellings Machinebouw has realized a packaging solution for the packaging of fries and fish products in bags and retail boxes.


  • Frozen fries and fish products


  • 2000 kg/h
  • 60 retail boxes per minute
  • 65 bags per minute (pillow and block-bottom bags)

With this packaging solution, it is possible to transport products to a 2-mix multihead weigher. Next, the products can be packaged in the following ways:

  • Packed in bags using a vertical packaging machine
  • Packed in retail boxes using a Hellings distribution system
  • Packed in bulk bags using a bulk filling station in pre-formed bags

This client has a high reputation to uphold when it comes to innovation and continuous investment in the latest production facilities. Working closely together with this client, Hellings devised and realized a flexible packaging concept.

The retail boxes needed to be vibrated to reduce air space after filling. Furthermore, the retail boxes needed to retain the ability to have products added manually after filling, before the boxes were sealed.

Additionally, a solution needed to be added to enable the packaging of the retail boxes as well as the bags into outer boxes (American folding boxes).


The challenge of this project was the large diversity of products and packaging variants. In this packaging solution Hellings had, as per the client’s request, integrated several machines into the layout, such as:

  • 2-mix multihead weigher
  • vertical packaging machine
  • destacking unit for retail boxes
  • continuously moving lid-shutting machine for retail boxes
  • checkweigher with metal detection
  • box set-up machine and box sealing machine, both for American and retail folding boxes
  • box printer
  • a manual continuously moving sealing station for preformed bags