Privacy Declaration for Applicants & Temporary employees

Collection and usage of personal information of applicants / temporary workers/ payroll-employees

We like to point out to you that we will collect and use the personal information that you give us because this is necessary to process an application procedure or to close and execute a (possible) work agreement/internship/temporary work agreement. These personal data are necessary to enable us to meet certain legal obligations. These legal obligations have to do with for instance the determination and owing of taxes and premiums for employees.

Considering this necessity, you are obliged to give us the personal information that is needed for this. If you do not give us this information or if you give us insufficient personal information, then we cannot process an application procedure with you, get into a (possible) work agreement/temporary work agreement with you, nor execute it, nor meet our legal obligations.

If you are a (payroll-) employee, then we will use your personal information to make up, execute and terminate the employment relationship. This includes, among others:

·        the treatment of employment affairs;

·        the determination and paying of the salary, compensations and other monetary funds; and

·        the determination and payment of possible taxes, premiums and other fiscal duties for the purpose of you, the employee.

If you are an applicant, then we use your personal information to be able to communicate with you about the course of the application procedure, the judgement of your suitability for a function that is vacant or can become vacant and the possible settlement of costs that you have incurred.

If you are a temporary employee, then we will use the personal information that we obtain from the agency to determine your suitability for a function that is vacant or can become vacant and for the execution of the temporary work agreement.

Transmission to third parties

It is possible that we transfer your personal information to third parties. These third parties can be government bodies, but also parties who perform work under our order or parties to whom we are obligated to provide the information to in connection with the (execution of) the work agreement. It concerns the following parties:

·        the Tax Service;

·        the UWV;

·        our arbo service/company physician;

·        the Inspection for Social Affairs and Work Opportunities;

·        the Pension Fund;

·        the Insurer regarding several insurances;

·        our social partners;

·        our accountant/salary administrator.

Sometimes issuing your information to another party will be necessary in order to comply with the law, such as is the case with transmission to the Tax Service, the UWV, the arbo service/company physician, the (obligatory) Pension Fund and the Inspection for Social Affairs and Work Opportunities.

In other cases, the transmission is necessary in order to be able to execute the (work) agreement with you. By issuing the information to our omission insurer, we have a justified interest, namely that this would entitle us to an insurance payment.

There are also parties that execute work in our assignment, such as the accountant/bookkeeper/salary administrator. We have a justified interest in transferring your information. This work has been contracted out because of (among others) the knowledge and expertise that our accountant/salary administrator has.

In order to be able to execute the (work) agreement with you, the accountant/salary administrator needs your personal information.

Security measures

We take suitable technical measures to ensure that your personal data is secure and protected against unauthorised or illegal processing and against deliberate loss, destruction or damage. Your information is stored in a safe management environment that is only accessible for specific persons.

Storage period personal data

We shall remove your personal data after 4 weeks at the latest after the end of the application period, unless you have given us permission to store your personal data for the period of a maximum of 1 year.

The personal data from the salary administration that are fiscally important, we shall store for a period of 7 years after you have left employment. This term of storage is connected to a legal obligation that we have. Declarations of Payroll taxes and a copy of your proof of identity we shall store for 7 years after the end of your employment. This term of storage is also connected to a legal obligation that we have.

For other information from the employee or salary administration, we maintain a storage period of 2 years at the most after you have left employment, unless it appears from certain personal information that it is necessary for us to meet a legal (storage) duty or in case there is a work conflict or a lawsuit.

In case of ‘other information from the employee or salary administration’ you should consider employment agreements, reports and function discussions, correspondence about nominations, promotions, degradations and firing, testimonials and administrative non-attendance information.

Camera surveillance

We use camera surveillance. This is justified in our interest because we want to secure our goods and protect the visitors and employees. The camera images are stored for a maximum of 4 weeks. If an incident was captured, then the images concerned will be removed after this incident has been dealt with.

Your rights

You have the right to ask us to review your own personal information. If there is a reason for it, you can also request us to make an addition to your personal data or to change incorrect information. You also have the right to erase your personal data or to limit the use of your personal data. If you are of the opinion that we do not treat your personal data correctly, then you may file a complaint with the organisation that supervises privacy rules, the Authority Personal Data. Finally, you may request us to gain your personal data or to transfer that information to another party.

In order to execute your rights, you can contact Of course, if you have questions or like to have more information about the collection of your personal data you may contact us.