The technological developments are constantly accelerating. From the point of cost reduction, safety and traceability, far reaching automation is becoming ever more important, if not essential. Also in the food industry control systems are becoming more and more important. As a result of this, control systems are inextricably linked to every machine, Hellings has been focusing on this for years.

Our control systems are designed by our own electronics and software engineers. Both the hardware and the software (PLC and Servo) are developed and tested internally. In this manner we entangle the various machines in the project with each other.

The control system can also be used for signaling, alerting and visualizing the process. Connection via Ethernet for external control or transfer of data. Choice of recipes, product settings, etc.


With our focus on customization we can adapt to the wishes and standards of our customer and their industry. We consider the choice of components, coding and connections for technical uniformity and for a better user experience in the user interface and control system.